For way too long, I couldn't figure out why I had an itchy scalp and seemed to be losing too much hair. It was majorly stressing me out. Then I was out of town for work for ten days and my issues disappeared...only to reappear about a day after I got home. I knew we had hard water, and after thinking about the negative effects it had on just about everything in our house, I started researching how it might affect my skin and scalp. After trying some topical home remedies, I was convinced I'd found the cause of  my problems...they were in expensive and worked like magic but the scent left on my hair was undesirable. That's when I found the Malibu C website and the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Kit  and I'm thrilled to report that my scalp feels amazing, my hair is shiny, the color is rich again, it's SO soft and isn't falling out at a rate that would cause panic. The Hard Water Wellness line (shampoo, conditioner and weekly remedy) is the BEST and most practical solution for hair and scalp health when subjected to hard water.