My hair was severely damaged due to an over-processing incident in July 2014. Many months of using all kinds of treatments made no difference. I had my long hair cut to a short pixie and the colour was brassy. Sections of my hair till looked and felt "fried." I started wondering if something medically was wrong with me. How could my hair still be like this 6 months later? I was in CosmoProf buying supplies (I am an aesthetician & nail tech) and saw a display of Malibu C. I bought the Blonde Wellness Remedy and was impressed with that. I did some further research about your product and knowing that the area where I live has extremely hard water, I realized part of my hair issue was likely due to my water. I bought Malibu C Hard Water Wellness (shampoo, conditioner, wellness remedy) and Miracle Repair. WOW! I cannot believe the difference. Sure, I still have short boy hair but at least it is healthy hair and after a good cut and using your product, my hair is finally looking and feeling like healthy, soft, shiny hair again. I am a self-proclaimed biggest advocate of your product. I bought 3 boxes of Miracle Repair and have been offering them to my friends and family across Canada because I feel, I KNOW your product will make a difference in their individual hair issues! Great product, Malibu C!