I live in an area with very hard water, and it had destroyed my hair. I was at my wit's end before finally finding Malibu C products. I was so embarrassed by my disgusting waxy, colorless hair that I didn't even want my hair stylist to have to touch it. When he saw the condition of my hair, he immediately applied the Malibu C Crystal Gel to my hair and recommended that I use the Hard Water Wellness Shampoo, Conditioner and wellness remedy at home. I have never seen such dramatic results in my hair ever!! I noticed a difference right away when my stylist applied the Crystal Gel. My hair instantly felt lighter and silkier, even before my stylist started drying it. When I saw the end results, I actually started tearing up - my shiny, beautiful hair was back! Of course, I was a bit skeptical because my hair always looks better when leaving the salon, and then it promptly returns to its yucky state the minute I wash it and try to recreate the look for myself. However, based on my stylist's recommendation, and the amazing results from the in-salon Malibu C Malibu MakeOver, I decided to purchase the Hard Water Wellness products. Like I said, the first time I used the products at home, I was skeptical. I've tried SO many high-end, expensive products to correct the greasy, dull waxy look my hair had acquired, but none of those products had any lasting impact. Well, the Malibu C products are different. The first time I used them my hair felt and looked as it did when I left the salon earlier that week. I couldn't believe it!! I've used the products several times since then and have always had the same amazing results. My hair is just so light, shiny, bouncy, brilliant, manageable and silky! And all I have to do is wash my hair with these products. I wish I had known about these products a year ago!! Seriously, do not delay in purchasing. For the price and the results, the Hard Water Wellness products are miracle products! I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you so much, Malibu C, for giving me my lovely hair back!