I have naturally medium blonde hair that I highlight and every time I'd go to my salon for a cut or highlights, someone would remark that I had very heavy mineral buildup on my hair. It made doing my highlights risky (my hair would heat up tremendously from the bleach) and the minerals gave my hair an ugly green color that was impossible to get rid of. My hair was getting greener and more brittle and hard to manage all the time. We have well water with copper pipes (yuck), and no one at my salon knew what to do -except recommend purple shampoo which really only seemed to make the problem worse. My hair was looking and feeling awful and I was SOOO frustrated and I wanted my "real" hair back! I decided to give up the harsh chemical highlights because my poor hair was fried and crispy and green - not a good look. I decided to go more natural with my products and color, and started looking into Cassia, a company I got it from recommended I do a treatment to remove hard water minerals from my hair because they often act unpredictably and unfavorably when you color with natural plant dyes. You could end up with dark green or black hair! Yikes! I went to a different salon and talked to someone there who recommended I do a Malibu C wellness treatment. I bought and used just one packet and the difference is phenomenal! My pretty, shiny, silky, multi-toned blonde hair is back! No more green! And my hair feels better than ever! After I used the second treatment a week later (even better results), I used the Cassia color and conditioned my hair and it looks fabulous! I am now a multi-tonal light-medium-deep very golden blonde and I LOVE it! My hair feels wonderful! I just purchased the Hard Water Wellness Kit and more Hard Water wellness treatments. I don't ever want to be without this stuff! I am simply amazed at how different my hair looks and feels after just one treatment! Since I will continue to use Cassia color and henna to color my hair in the future, I want to keep my hair free of nasty mineral buildup and yucky color from the buildup and I know that Malibu C products are the BEST way to do that! I am SO happy I found out about your products and only wish I had found them much sooner! Don't EVER stop making these wonderful products, and THANK YOU SO MUCH!