I found Malibu C after researching the net for reasons why my hair was brittle, dry and falling out. For two years, I thought it was due to having Celiac Disease. Even after eating a gluten-free diet and using gluten-free skin and hair products, nothing changed. My hair was tangled, matted and plain old ugly. I spent hundreds of dollars on products; installed a shower head filter and even tried every home remedy on Pinterest, and just made a mess of myself. Then I tried Malibu C Hard Water Wellness and after the first use, my hair was shiny, full of volume and I am happy to say, it's growing back in. I have used only an inch of product and the change is so dramatic. I also use Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner, Gelotion and Volumizing Thick-In. I am very happy with my results. I only wish I have found Malibu C sooner.