My husband and I just moved to an area with very hard well water. I grew up with great city-treated water so dealing with hard water was very new to me. I have colored my hair for years. I've always used high-end hair products and tools to protect my hair from damage caused by chemical dyes. After living in my new home with hard water, I was disappointed to see my once shiny, straight, golden blonde hair (I am a natural brunette) was now taking on an orange/brass color and was frizzy! I have never in my entire life had frizzy, dry, brittle hair! Desperate to correct the issue ASAP, I did some research and came across Malibu C products. As soon as I received my Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Kit, I jumped into the shower. I was astonished at how, after just one use, my hair was bright golden blonde again, had no frizz and was silky and straight just as it used to be. I am so grateful for Malibu C and will most definitely be reordering!