Oh my...let me just say that I am SO thankful for your company and the Scalp Wellness products. For over a year, I've been having problems with hair loss. I've spent hours upon hours researching the Internet to find answers. I've also gone to dermatologists and endocrinologists to rule out thyroid, hormone problems and various skin diseases. I've gone through tons of prescriptions and different hair products. Something inside was telling me that it had to do with our shower water. So I tried many expensive filters trying to get chlorine and minerals out of the water. Nothing worked!  I found your line on the web and wondered again if this would be throwing money away on something that wouldn't work. Well, I'm so pleased to say that after two weeks of using the Scalp Wellness products, my hair loss diminished by probably 50% each time I showered. Now, I'm into the end of week three and the hair loss has diminished to about 30% of what it was. I am so grateful that I found your company and your products and look forward to even less hair loss in the weeks to come. Your customer service reps are the best. They are very helpful and friendly and are well versed in your products. One customer service rep told me that occasionally she uses the Scalp Treatment on her hair for up to 15 minutes and it really helps the itching. So, that's what I've been doing the last two weeks and I believe it's really helping to gently cleanse those minerals off my scalp. I love the whole Scalp Wellness line...but I think my favorite is the Scalp Wellness Treatment.